Entropy Novel

Release Date: March 1


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Ryan Mittar, a middle aged conservator for the Detroit Institute of Arts, is unexpectedly roped into an African excavation with the intricate museum donor,

Mr. Sherwill. When an inexplicable object explodes into their world from above, they are sent scrambling to find its true origins.


The object provided information about its creators along with their intentions through non-traditional forms of communication. Leading to many possible conclusions as to what or who it may be. Ryan will find out in time but the answer is far from what anyone imagined and is much closer to home than they could have realized.


To add to their difficulties President Thurst starts meddling with what isn’t rightfully his, and Mr. Sherwill isn’t taking it kindly.   With Ryan’s knowledge and Mr. Sherwill’s influence they fight through barriers to be in the right place, at the right time.