First, I am not a writer. I am a story teller.
I guess this is the about me section so, onwards.
I’m from a smallish town, Pinckney, Michigan, and grew up with two older brothers, loved sports, any and all really. I ended up being pretty good at track
and ran for the University of Michigan, GO BLUE! While there I received my degree in Physical Education (I told you I am not a writer) in 2013 and I held the school record in the Decathlon at 7412 points.
I met my amazing wife on the track in Ann Arbor and we moved up north to Traverse City where I am teaching K-5 Physical Education. We built a home a few years ago and last year we had our first child who is both the joy of our lives and fast, very fast. Oh we have a cat named Janie and a mini-schnauzer named Pluto.
Along the way I started writing. If you would of told me when I was younger, or even in college that I would write a novel, I would have laughed. I still laugh to myself when I am writing
sometimes. I don’t think I will ever write another book, I like to think of it like running a marathon, I can feel really good about accomplishing it once, but I will never put myself through the pain of doing it over and over…
Or maybe its one of those things that after you do it once you have the itch to do it again, eh this is the about me section I am getting off topic again, that is about me!